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  • Jennifer Solomon

    Jennifer Solomon

    Mom, teacher, business owner. Reach me at heartandmindtutoring.weebly.com

  • Je Banach

    Je Banach

    has written for Vogue, The Paris Review, Granta, ELLE, Marie Claire UK, Esquire, Guernica, Electric Lit, L.A. Review of Books, & others. #ConversationsforCures

  • Steve Klubertanz

    Steve Klubertanz

    Casual observations of the world around me. Trying to make my mark in the world, bit by bit.

  • Jeffery Curtis Poor

    Jeffery Curtis Poor

    Husband. Father. Pastor. Writer. Trying to be more like Jesus each day. For more articles check out: rethinknow.org

  • Amira Rieper

    Amira Rieper

  • Vic Alcuaz

    Vic Alcuaz

    Manila based Filipino/Spanish Author, Cafe owner, Hotel Consultant. A Catholic. Cat Lover. Editor of Medium.com/ave-maria

  • Mark L

    Mark L

  • Pamala Jean De Voy

    Pamala Jean De Voy

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